duraflame® Firestart® Firelighters
  • 48 firelighters per case - 18lbs
  • Paper-wrapped for clean handling, they light with just one match, and burn long enough to start the most stubborn wood fire
$24 (plus shipping costs)
duraflame® Quick Start® Firelighters
  • 40 firelighters per case - 11.25lbs
  • Starts fires quickly and easily. Made with wax and a blend of recycled and renewable biomass fibers
$18 (plus shipping costs)
duraflame® Fatwood Firestarters
  • .25 cubic feet (approx. 10lbs)
  • The concentrated, 100% natural resin ignites quickly from one match and generates an intense, sustained flame. No new trees are cut down and no additives have been applied to the product
$18 (plus shipping costs)
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